Karenlea & Fiona — A Story of Two Caregivers

This story is about two extraordinary caregivers destined to be best friends. Both, after giving their care giving talents to their respective families and friends, can now care for each other.

Karenlea is a strong willed; never give up, stylish lady who cares for and about the living souls, she is close to. Her significant other, Hank, became ill in 2016 and Karenlea provided the needed emotional and physical help during his debilitating illness. She became his caregiver as he endured surgeries and rehabilitation to be able to walk again. During this time, Karenlea herself became ill with a virus and ended up in ICU. Lucky to be alive but upset that she was no longer in control of her life. She was also troubled that Hank's children, though inconvenienced, had take over her role in caring for him. She began to feel lost and lonely.

Fiona lived a sheltered life that included being house bound for 6 years raising her children. Since, Fiona's family ran a business there was limited time given to her emotional and social needs. She therefore became quiet and kept to herself. She was a very attentive and loving mom not expecting any love and caring in return. She consequently became lonely and longing for attention. In 2016, it was time for Fiona to move on and out of the home she knew for so long. She now found herself needing care and someone to care about.

Karenlea needed someone to care about and for just like Fiona. Devine intervention intersected their lives with the assistance of Karenlea's daughter Pam. Pam set up a meeting between Karenlea and Fiona at Christmas time in 2016. Karenlea had a warm and loving home to offer Fiona. This is exactly what Fiona needed, being a displaced seven-year-old Maltipoo.

Pam and Karenlea began getting the house ready for Fiona's arrival. Comfort supplies included but not limited to a private small dog enclosure, toys, blankets, sweaters, bowls, food and treats. All this preparation activity helped divert away Karenlea's worry that Fiona may not bond with her.

Love at first sight is the appropriate observation when they met. Karenlea and Fiona are now inseparable. Pam states that Fiona has become a "mini her" in here mothers life. Where ever Karenlea goes in the house Fiona shadows her. They are both protective of each other.

It took a couple months for Fiona to warm up to the rest of Karenlea's family. She now can handle overnight stays with the relatives.

Pam says the bond and love between her mom and Fiona is unconditional. Fiona is extremely protective over mom, constantly smells here face as if to make sure she okay as Karenlea is diabetic. She wakes her up to go outside in the morning and this helps keep Karenlea on schedule with her medications.

Karenlea now has a little friend with here at all times, who is dependant on her for care, which Karenlea wants and is important to her. Fiona has someone to love her and watch over. The universe has answered a call, Karenlea and Fiona now have each other to love, cuddle and ease their loneliness.